Friday, March 26, 2010

Preservation - Recollection - Reflection is the basis of my work. I recently finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis exhibition, based around the idea of memories and dreams, or rather the recollection of such. Yet as I finished my schooling, and had to work on my art outside of an academic setting, I found my work dry and without reason.

It was on one my my many walks, through the pastures and countryside of the my current home, that I was was introduced with the PRR phrase. I still wanted to work with memories and dreams, but I lacked a framework to create. The idea behind PRR is based on my experience of how dreams and memories exist. First the mind finds a reason to Preserve the experience. At this process, I try to loosely sketch my environment or whatever I am striving to portray. After the Preservation process, the mind finds a reason to Recollect or recall the memory or dream. The recollection is never perfect and flawless, but rather it is generalized and abstract sometimes. This is the moment that I try to portray in my work. I then Reflect on the work and the memory or dream and try to ensure its meaning is appropriate and correct.

I know a lot of this seems rather confusing and jumbled up, but it makes perfect sense to me. I plan to use this blog to, in a manner, showcase the work I have been doing, as well as to keep me constantly working.