Monday, August 20, 2012

The New Beginning

So it has finally come to pass. I am now an official Grad student at Wichita State University. As I sit here, adding to this far too neglected art blog, I think about how I (for years) would fight the concept of going to grad school. I saw it as just another way for them to get my money. But fate it seemed had different plans for me. No longer could I just sit on the outside, wishing that my work would create itself. No longer could I just wait for inspiration to hit. I needed a thump on the head. I needed a revitalization. And BOOM, here it is. If you can't tell, I am feeling a trifle preachy, hence the gaudy language use. The true goal and fear is to simply create work that matters and affects me. I am currently (slightly) uncertain as to what that will look like, but sometimes a blank slate is the best place to start. I want to move away from some of the work I have been doing, because it tends to come from a (more or less) emotionally unhealthy place. And the other parts of my work seem to be far to illustrative to be critique worthy. The larger problem is that I still like that work. So... how to keep the history, yet move on, and somehow, even more so... how to combine and keep my integrity. The heart of every artist's struggle.

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