Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Artistic Design project

Here are some photos of a "Murders in the Heir". A high school production by Decatur Community High School. I was the set, lighting and sound designer. (But really, my brother in-law did the sound, I just told him what I wanted!)

I was extremely lucky to have a few small, but extremely helpful crews to build and paint all of this. And to those of you who helped, you know, and THANK YOU! I had a budget of $300 for the entire production, and when the gels for lighting cost almost $70, well you can imagine that budgets were tight.

This image shows one of the flash back scenes, that takes place in the foyer. It is hard to describe to people just how different this production was than another, simply due to the fact that we had mobile lighting. Since our theater's creation, which was a slight eon ago, they have been stuck with very few very FIXED light sources. This limited lighting to pretty much being all on, or all off. It was depressing. So with the help of my brother-in law again, we created an auxiliary light box which allowed us to put lights anywhere on stage!!! It was such a big change that it put the current director and theater teacher to tears!

This shows some of the furniture I had to redo for the show, including turning a set of 2X4's into a lounging couch, and redying and refinishing a set of twin chairs found in an abandoned house!

This features the dining area, french doors, and of course, the chandelier. My head almost exploded in joy when I found out that my family just happen to have a chandelier hidden in storage. It is times like these that I praise my family for their collecting compulsions (which I have also inherited!).

This final picture is of the fireplace, which I love. It is made mostly out of paint and cardboard! It was one of my favorite pieces I worked on. In the end, I put more than 200 hours into this production (design, creation, and destruction!) and learned more than I can describe. It is my first production, and I can thank Leigh Davis, the director, for giving me the not only the opportunity to do this, but also such an immense level of free reign over the project! It was staggering to actually see my visions come into fruition! Thanks to all of those who helped, and supported me. Work to encourage the arts in your areas, so people like me, who love to do stuff but aren't rich, can create these worlds for people to enjoy! I am in the end pleased to announce that, as long as I am in the area, I am to be the community's theatrical artistic director!!!

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