Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few images

Hey Ya'll! So it has been a very long time since my last post, and I do have some images for you. My artwork has gone on a quick hiatus as I am working to finish the set and lighting project for a high school theater production. Images to come!

This piece is temporarily called, "Conerstone Thought". I have to take a while to name my work as the name is very crucial to giving the viewer a bit of perspective, so often times, works are given temporary names till their true nature is discovered. The piece is about 10X15 inches, made with acrylic on hot press Arches watercolor paper.

"Proceeding Towards" is about 24X36 inches,made with acrylic on hot press Arches watercolor paper. I am currently not completely satisfied with this piece, and will be going back into it, but of course all my work suffers that same fate.

I am almost ready to move into my studio, as it is soon to be emptied of its other storage contents. My current projects include (but not limited to): 1)
Insurrection, a graphic novel based on a screenplay by my brother in law. 2) The set and lighting for Murder in the Heir, a high school production. 3) Of course my work in general (really right now I am gathering sketches from my hikes to begin my process) 4) and finally, moving into my studio, and really digging in! Hope you all have a wonderful day and best of wishes to all!

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  1. Hey Tony!

    Good job on your blog! I am excited to see your work progress... I'm really glad we're doing this and staying accountable and committed. :)