Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Next Step?

It is always hard to remember that art is fluid, and changing as the individual changes. It's even harder to see these changes, analyze them, and accept them as a part of your work.

I have been working on the recollection aspect of my work lately, aka, pulling out my sketches and re-sketching them, and I keep noticing that I tend to remember the innate energies of the moment I was striving to preserve. Now I know that sounds odd, and slightly new age, but I am serious about this idea of energy. I am not really into all of that new age like stuff and tend to stay pretty rooted in reality (day dreams exempt), but the flow of this natural energy is really interesting.

As I was re-sketching a drawing I had of a wash out, I was less focused on the forms that existed, but became more aware of how the forms were created. I worked to recreate the flow of water that was making these forms, but even that was distracting. I then zoomed into a form and really started analyzing the edge, trying to understand it further.

I have also noticed the same flow of events when I am re-sketching former tree drawings. I am becoming more aware of the creation of that specific tree, trying to feel my way through its entire existence.

The difficult part of this is visually describing what I am innately feeling. I really don't know what this new aspect of analysis means, but I am excited at its entrance in my work!

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