Friday, January 20, 2012

Illuminated Manuscripts

At one point in my career, I became infatuated with illuminated manuscripts. And although I loved the inherent religious implications and symbolism with said manuscripts; I twisted them a bit and added some tarot symbolism to my own versions of illuminated manuscripts. If you were unaware,which I wasn't for quite a while; illuminated manuscripts were not only made for beauty, but rather as teaching instruments to those who could not read. On that same note, tarot cards use pictures to help us better grasp some possible universal meanings from the conversations surrounding a tarot reading. I thought that these two things formed a happy union. Unfortunately, I can't quite recall the stories and morals I was implying while creating these sketches.

Pen, watercolor, ink on sketch paper. I really wasn't too impressed with the coloring. In fact it quite offended me. Live and learn.

Pen, watercolor, ink on sketch paper. You can see that this one has a bunch on hatch marks, representing words that you can't read. This would force you to interpret the images alone.

Pen on sketch paper. I was very pleased with this one. So pleased in fact that I was terrified of finishing it for fear of ruining it. This piece makes me wish I had studied printmaking. I feel it would be rather successful as such.

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