Friday, January 20, 2012

A Tree

Yes, a tree. I was recently commissioned, let's be honest... asked, to build a changing tree for my church, as a visual aid to the pastor's sermon set. I was of course ecstatic at the opportunity. The tree is made out of rusty chicken wire, scrap wood, old sketches that I couldn't stand, leftover paint and napkins. I should have taken a picture of the various stages of the tree's development, but tragically I didn't. I do have some process shots as well as the final stage of it's development.

This is the skeleton of the tree, and yes it is hard to see among the myriad of books and odds and ends I have in my room. What can I say? I'm an artist!

This is after the wire was attached and the initial layer of paper mache was being applied.

Here the texture paper mache coat is being added to tree.

This is after the initial painting and the napkin "leaves" were added. You can see that the tree stands a little over 3 feet tall and is about 7 feet across. Yes, I am thrilled as you can see. Have you ever heard of building a ship in a basement, and the problems that can occur? Well, that is the story of my life.

This is the final stage of the tree's development. The death and resurection of Christ opening the door to our future lives as a heavenly family. This was very visully powerful because for the last few weeks the tree would be loosing leaves, down to it's barest twigs and would even be shrouded with black cloth. To end so suddenly with such a burst of color and joy was, well, hopefully meaningful. The project was incredible fun!

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